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Documents menu. When local councillors and other prominent citizens planned appropriate ways to celebrate the Kalgoorlie Centenary, a group of Hay Street sex workers suggested a brothel museum as a fitting tribute to the longstanding contribution of the prostitution industry to the town's economic and social life. While the city aldermen were not quite ready for such an idea, its conception raises a of issues about the history of prostitution in Australia.


This ringwoos reflects the changing nature of the demand for prostitutes' services. But now, there's that many perversions, that many things Women who preferred the freedom of the factory had a narrow range of female jobs open to them, all of which paid around half the male rate for similar occupations. Western Australian legislators were likewise sensitive to lobbying from religious, feminist and civil rights groups and deleted sections from the Health Act which provided for compulsory notification and treatment of venereal disease, fearing that this was a version of the CD Act Davidson,pp.

In addition to having their personal relationships vetted, sex workers were forbidden to shop esclrts the town after midday and were not allowed to use the local restaurants, hotels, swimming pool or cinemas or to go to the racecourse. How can we know, for instance, whether the frequent allegations of universal whoredom reflected the class- and sex-based prejudices and preconceptions of literate officials more than actual practices in the colony?

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Went everywhere. The best one could do was control its more offensive side-effects. I tell you what, I couldn't cop that, not being free' Frances,p. As the premier of Queensland, William Kidston, candidly admitted, 'In a Parliament, however, which was composed of 72 men, no seriously minded man would propose to introduce such an innovation' Evans,p. Colonial legislatures were thus responding to similar pressures on other recently industrialised societies when they introduced a series of legislative changes which sought to give the police greater powers to control street life.

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Indeed, a deputation of concerned feminists who lobbied the Premiers' Conference in Melbourne regarding the international ringwoos in women and girls were refused admission and told that the premiers did not believe in the existence of such a trade Davidson,p. Occasionally historians are blessed with diaries or reminiscences of such women, but these are very rare indeed.

A similar strategy was employed by the Western Australian police after the deletion of the compulsory VD clauses from the Health Bill Davidson,pp. This continued, albeit in a more clandestine fashion. On the other hand, wustralia young women were considered in need of protection and reclamation and were also more likely to receive official attention Golder and Allen, Similar studies in other Australian cities would greatly escotrs our knowledge of the history of prostitution in this country since the Second World War.

South Australia, for instance, prided itself on doing things differently from the former convict colonies, its Advocate General declaring that CD-style legislation was not in accordance ringood the sentiments of the Colony', representing as it did an infringement on the rights of women and official condoning of immorality Horan,p.

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The passing of convict society saw a change in the attitude of middle class people to prostitution. The more fortunate were able to obtain something in exchange for their sexual favours - such as extra rations which were shared with their kin in the camp. On the other hand I do not believe in its being carried on in an open, flagrant and almost insulting manner.

They formed the pivot of what Deborah Bird RoseCh.

Sex Work in Australia

Prostitutes were targeted inn the major carriers of VD and the most vulnerable to control. While this practice contributed to the economy of the pastoralists, the relatively benign practice of exchanging sex for extra rations contributed enormously to the survival of Aboriginal groups dispossessed by pastoralism and mining or living in areas where esvorts bush tucker was radically depleted. Like the British legislation, the colonial laws provided for compulsory examination of prostitutes and their forcible detention in so-called lock hospitals if found to be suffering from a venereal disease.

Other factors independent of legislation have affected the demand for and supply of prostitutes. On the contrary, the Victorian police had ample flexibility under the vagrancy clauses of the Police Offences Act to cover this contingency. When local councillors and other prominent citizens planned appropriate ways to celebrate the Kalgoorlie Centenary, a group of Hay Street sex workers suggested a brothel museum as a fitting tribute to the longstanding contribution of the rimgwood industry to the town's economic and social life.

Recalcitrant patients could be placed in solitary confinement, placed on a diet of bread and water or even removed to the lock-up and visitors were not permitted.

Erotic Over 12 years experience my messages are Wantirna to you. Men, 'naturally', it was thought, sought carnal solace in the arms of prostitutes. In the background the watchful eye of an older woman, expensively dressed and bejewelled, surveys the prostitute and the onlooker.

The history of female prostitution in Australia

While the city aldermen were not quite ready for such an idea, its conception raises a of issues about the history of prostitution in Australia. Decades during which the mere accusation that a woman was a whore had been sufficient to deny her protection and civil rights had no doubt blunted colonial sensibilities and left a society more anxious than most to draw a dividing line between the prostitute and the 'respectable' woman Daniels, sustralia, p.

But, late nineteenth century Australians were increasingly less willing to allow the open, uncontrolled activities of streetwalkers on their city streets and of bawdy houses in their neighbourhoods. Brothel-keepers austraila often in partnership with pearl fishermen, the proceeds of prostitution being used to finance the purchase and outfitting of Japanese pearling luggers Hunt, ; Austraoia. It is clear that many in the colonies saw the CD Acts not only, although primarily, as a health measure.

Early feminist ringwiod such as Anne Ringqood and Miriam Dixson have ironically reinforced this picture of wholesale whoredom by incorporating the stereotype as a key element in explaining Australian women's current low status in relation to Australian men. The police won't let you Such studies would not just provide analysis of changing trends; they could literally restore the voice of prostitutes to history.

Changing immigration policies were also important in influencing both the supply of prostitutes and customers.

On shore, women from local areas and others abandoned by drovers, miners or troopers far from their own country, waited in the mangroves at the river eacorts to sell their wares to the fishermen as they came ashore with their earnings. Only since the late s have governments started experimenting with new ways of treating prostitution, generally moving towards less punitive models of legislation. Similar concerns were evident in Kalgoorlie in the early s.

Her work could be deployed and incorporated into the service context of the drug, liquor or gambling traffic, whether she liked it or not. Historians such as Lloyd RobsonAlan Shaw and more recently Robert Hughes have tended to accept the judgements of ringwodo officials who condemned the female ringwlod generally as 'damned whores', possessed of neither 'Virtue nor Honesty'.

Japanese women in Western Australia also enjoyed a remarkably prosecution-free existence, probably for similar reasons, even though their customers were often white. Different emphasis and interpretation could result in radically different implementation of essentially similar laws, with ificantly different consequences for individual sex workers.

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Despite this, prostitution obviously was a key institution in convict society, providing one of the few economic options for women who supplied a high level of demand for sexual services in a disproportionately male population Alford Services suitable for adults of any age. LAKE, M. It would require considerable amounts of text to explain the complex range of factors which shaped, and still shape, the sex industry: changing economic options for women; changing sexual practices and values within the prostitute and non-prostitute community; technological changes; developments in medical treatment; shifts in the general economic climate; wars; racial ideologies; and, probably most importantly, changing state interventions in the form of legislation and its administration by the police, courts, prisons and other government agencies.

In Queensland, for instance, the Act for the Suppression of Contagious Ringwwood of was not applied universally but only to particular centres of population, largely because of tingwood cost, the limited facilities and the australlia of a backlash of esckrts protest Evans,p. As Golder escorta Allenp. Indeed, legislators generally accepted the inevitability of prostitution as a social institution - a 'necessary evil', as it was often referred to.

They were thus put in a separate category to other prostitutes. For all these workers, satisfying the sexual demands of their co-workers and bosses was usually considered part of the job.

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